Flexible 3-in-1 Hairsprays : Design.ME

Design.ME is a Hair Spray That Features Three Unique Modes A flexible hairspray called Design.ME is hoping to be your next vanity drawer staple as it offers long-lasting wear that can be worn three different ways. This updated beauty item offers a 3-in-1 model, with each unique mode ranging from low to high-intensity hold. This […]

Luxe Minimalist Wallets : new wallet line

Comme Des Garcons’ New Wallet Line Features Clean Lines and Modern Design Luxury clothing brand Comme des Garcons released a new wallet line — with multiple options to mesh seamlessly into any wardrobe. The new collection features two medium-sized pouches, four wallets with zippered compartments and two mini pouches. Each product is constructed with a […]

Detoxifying Twist-Up Skincare : Mylene

Mylène’s Airless Dispensers Protect the Natural Ingredient Formulas Some of the products in the Detox range from Belgian cosmetics company Mylène include a facial scrub and micellar water, as well as other uniquely packaged solutions that help to optimize the ingredient formulas. Mylène’s Detox Facial Cream and Detox Night Serum are packaged in airless, twist-up […]

Dolphin-Inspired Summer Sneakers : Miami Dolphins

adidas’ NmD R2 Model Receives a ‘Miami Dolphins’ Colorway German sportswear giant adidas gives its signature NMD R2 footwear model a new summer colorway entitled ‘Miami Dolphins.’ The new hues that adorn the breathable sneaker are inspired by the National Football League team and its branding color palette. The label drops the new iteration as […]

Micellar Dry Shampoo Mists : Shampoo Mists

R+Co’s ‘Spiritualized’ Cleansing Product Boasts a Micellar Formula Consumers have become fairly familiar with micellar technology in various personal care products like cleansers, bar soaps and shampoos, but R+Co is introducing ‘Spiritualized’ as a dry shampoo mist with a micellar formula. According to the brand, the innovative haircare product “transcends ordinary dry shampoo,” as it […]

Bedspread-Matching Patterned Suits : Patterned suits

IKEA Made Fashion-Forward, Comfortable Styles with William Hunt Furniture superstore and delicious food seller IKEA is now experimenting with fashion retail, as it tapped British tailor William Hunt for an exclusive collection of patterned suits that are designed to match its bedspreads and curtains, in order to make consumers “feel at home anywhere.” The beautifully […]

Hydrating Vegan Bronzing Lotions : Natural Browning Lotion

Sun Bum’s ‘Natural Browning Lotion’ Helps to Safely Tan the Skin Personal goods brand Sun Bum recently expanded its tanning series with the ‘Natural Browning Lotion.’ The product is made to protect and moisturize the skin, while working to “accelerate the sun triggered tanning process in [the] skin” so that consumers don’t need to spend […]

English Bird-Inspired Sneakers : 998 sneaker

New Balance Reworked the 998 Sneaker After the Mallard Duck Footwear label New Balance dropped yet another iteration for the Spring/Summer 2018 season and this time, it is a version of the 998 sneaker. The main inspiration drawn for this iteration is from New England’s Mallard duck. This influence is mainly translated through the colorway […]

Natural Non-Greasy Curl Conditioners : Curlsmith

Curlsmith’s ‘Curl Conditioning Oil-in-Cream’ Nourishes Hair Those with thick curls are likely to appreciate the new ‘Curl Conditioning Oil-in-Cream’ from Curlsmith, which helps to tame and define hair without leaving the greasy or crunchy feel behind that many competing products on the market tend to do. The product comes packaged in a large jar-like container, […]

Bold Experimental Sunglasses : mischief sunglasses

Karen Walker’s Mischief Sunglasses Collection is Unique and Luxurious Luxury designer Karen Walker released the Mischief Sunglasses collection just in time for the summer. The line is featured in a unique lookbook that focuses on the shades while boasting bold crayon-inspired pops of color. The collection offers new silhouettes that take on color-blocked designs that […]