Why Facebook Should Not be Trusted With Cryptocurrency

The race to launch the first crypto powered messenger app is heating up. Naturally the internet monopolies such as Facebook are scrambling to be first, but looking at its history it is one of the least suitable to handle decentralized currencies. New contenders are appearing on the scene with far better credentials than the world’s […]

Time to get to the point. This is about whether you believe crypto has a future and gaining exposure to that future. BTC was expensive at $20k, well, it is now $3.6k. ETH was expensive at $1400, well, it is now $119. Be greedy when others are fearful. : CryptoCurrency

Seriously. I have done really well by just ignoring all the bears who come out hibernation after every bull run pop. No point in listening to them now… I’ve never seen a perma-bear’s prediction turn out right. Every pop after a bull run, crypto is dead to them and everyone should exit the market. I […]

No, IBM’s Quantum Computer won’t break Bitcoin, but we should be prepared for one that can. : CryptoCurrency

There’s this thing called “quantum decoherence”; as you add more and more QBits, stabilizing them gets progressively harder. Breaking cryptography (using Shor’s Algorithm) requires a relatively MASSIVE number of QBits. In fact, we don’t even know for sure IF we can practically get to that point. Theory isn’t the same as practice. No matter how […]