Since everyone is having a meltdown about Tether, and people don’t seem to understand that decentralized stablecoins are both a thing and work, here’s a post explaining one! : CryptoCurrency

While there’s numerous decentralized stablecoins, the biggest and most developed is DAI. Now don’t call me a shill, because 1) it’s a stablecoin and 2) I have never invested even a cent in its parent token (MakerDAO). But, I will nonetheless explain how DAI remains stable, and explain why it’s much better than Tether. . […]

World Crypto Con | Come Get Ready for WCC with Us!

Welcome to World Crypto Con! World Crypto Con, or WCC, is an opportunity for industry leaders to share their exciting new crypto and blockchain projects to the world. People who have an in-depth understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as well as those who are clueless, can learn something at WCC. Welcome to a new way to […]

Coinfloor Becomes First Exchange Licensed Under Groundbreaking Gibraltar Legislation

The U.K.’s oldest cryptocurrency exchange has become the first company to be licensed by Gibraltar’s progressive blockchain legislation. The rules are a first for Europe and highlight the British Overseas Territory’s commitment to exploring technological innovations. Gibraltar Focusing on “Quality Not Quantity,” Coinfloor Proves Itself Worthy According to a report in the Financial Times, Coinfloor […]

New Stablecoins on OKEx | Find Out What They Are Here!

Starting today, there will be new stablecoins on OKEx! The third biggest crypto exchange by market cap announced that it is adding four US dollar-backed stablecoins to its platform. Four New Stablecoins on OKEx Let’s catch up. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are backed on a one-for-one basis with a fiat currency. For example: if a stablecoin […]

Do this before you invest in crypto

Get the Better newsletter. SUBSCRIBE Cryptocurrencies are incredibly popular right now — so much so that many people are investing a lot of money into them without knowing exactly what they’re doing. So whenever anyone asks me if investing in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is a good idea, I just have one question for […]

Bitfinex Premium on Bitcoin Hit $1,000 Today, Can It Affect the SEC’s Decision?

Bitfinex’s $1,000 premium on Bitcoin, which sent its price shooting upwards of $7,500, and Tether’s 6% drop on Monday, has created a lot of commotion in the crypto-sphere. The currency’s wild price swing, which was observed only on Tether-enabled cryptocurrency exchanges, has left cryptocurrency supporters speculating about the implications of this non-uniform price movement. The […]