Banks Lose International Payments Business to Disruptive Solutions Like Blockchain

Transaction banking faces continued pressure from disruptive solutions from blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures, which are taking a significant share of a once-upon-a-time undisputed market. While bleeding customers and transaction volumes, banks remain confident that its legacy technology is ‘good enough for now.’ Banking Industry in Denial While Losing International Payments Business Over the last year, […]

India’s Tax on Cryptocurrency | What are the Main Points of the Proposal?

India’s Tax on Cryptocurrency: Bloomberg announced yesterday that India may soon impose an 18% GST on cryptocurrency transactions despite the country’s legal ambiguity. At present, the Intermediate Indirect Tax and Customs Committee are reviewing the proposal and submit it to the GST Council after completion. As mentioned above, digital assets can be categorized as “intangible goods” just like […]

Dont Panic. : CryptoCurrency

Bitcoin (BTC) – $129.14B – $7574.11 Ethereum (ETH) – $58.59B – $588.13 Ripple (XRP) – $23.41B – $0.60 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – $17.30B – $1008.90 EOS (EOS) – $9.65B – $11.02 Litecoin (LTC) – $6.77B – $119.43 Cardano (ADA) – $5.26B – $0.20 Stellar (XLM) – $5.21B – $0.28 TRON (TRX) – $4.54B – $0.07 […]

Almost half of cryptocurrency and bitcoin bros identify as libertarian — Quartz

Libertarians believe that the government should have minimal interference in the lives and finances of its citizens. The cryptocurrency community believes in a monetary system free from centralized oversight, with decisions driven by the masses rather than regulators. Same difference, right? Libertarians and crypto enthusiasts have some serious overlap, as first brought to my attention […]

Look No More: 3 ICOs to Watch in Q2 2018

The explosion in ICO projects has made choosing which ones to participate in a very complicated task, and the competition between them extremely fierce. Back in 2015, the Lisk founders raised 14,000 bitcoin with a team of just 2 people! Doing that today seems impossible: teams are paying thousands just to get famous industry advisors, […]