Cat Collars Could Save Millions Of Lives Every Year

Cat Collars Could Save Millions Of Lives Every Year Matthew Russell By Matthew Russell Proper greatergood_ctg_belowtitle Nancy Brennan didn’t like watching her cat George kill birds, and even less his trapping them through her home. “His first catch one spring was a ruffed grouse, which he killed and brought into the house,” Brennan told the […]

Wow, that a bitcoin entrepreneur is running for the second most powerful position in New York City got downvoted so fast. Real raw material downvote, Fake News on Bitcoin Blog upvote. Is that what the Crypto community became? : CryptoCurrency

You are correct it’s cryptic because for the past 4 years I have been fighting with the BlockChain press. The Bitcoin press that “sucked the dick” of the regulator in 2013 has been pushing me aside really telling the community the minimum about me. For example, this came up yesterday. “NYSE execs staged trading-floor hoax […]

Bestselling Color Makeup Line : Lolita collection

Kat Von D Launched a New Lolita Collection That’s Highly Versatile Kat Von D Beauty is helping the many consumers who are obsessed with its bestselling shade get even more of it by releasing a new Lolita collection. The collection includes a number of different makeup products, from liquid eyeliners and long-lasting lipsticks, to lip […]

Top Of The Table – Pandemic: Fall of Rome

Pandemic is one of those rare board games that has breached out of the hobby market, and has at least a passing familiarity from a more mainstream game-playing public. And there’s good reason for that. The original Pandemic offers a tense and rewarding loop, in which players work together to halt the spread of disease […]

White Bean Salad With Basil Pesto Dressing

 December 14, 2018   Lisa    1 Comment In the midst of holiday food and cookies galore, does anyone else feel like they could use a colorful salad right about now? This easy pesto salad would even be a great dish to bring along to your next potluck party, or a pretty addition to your holiday table this […]