Corn Side Dishes – Easy Corn Recipes

Sweet corn season is so fleeting that it’s extra important to take full advantage of it. I grew up doing this by eating my weight in corn on the cob — and while that’s still probably my favorite way to enjoy it, I quickly learned there are so many more options. Whether it’s crispy fritters, […]

How Do You Die From Leukemia?

Q. How does one typically die from cancer of the bone marrow, such as leukemia or multiple myeloma? A. People diagnosed with leukemia and multiple myeloma, both cancers originating in the bone marrow, are living much longer than they did just a few decades ago. In 1975, somebody diagnosed with leukemia in the United States […]

Surreal Hair-Inspired Photography : hair editorial

Infringe’s Artistic Hair Editorial Embraces the Value of Beauty Spanish-based design duo ‘I’m Blue I’m Pink’ produces an incredibly surreal hair editorial for INFRINGE Magazine. The publication is dedicated exclusively to hair culture so the theme of the photography series is really not that surprising. However, the artistic direction behind the images is worth paying […]

NBA superteam rankings – Warriors, Rockets, Celtics and teams with the most star power

7:03 AM ET Andre SnellingsESPN These days, only superteams need apply as NBA championship contenders. But what defines a superteam? Last year, Tom Haberstroh categorized superteams as having at least two established current stars as measured by All-NBA and All-Star nods. Here, I expand that definition to also include on-court impact, particularly real plus-minus (RPM) […]