Third Dolphins Dies In 16 Months At Controversial Arizona Dolphinarium

“The question is, ‘How could Khloe possibly pick up this type of infection … whereas Alia didn’t?’” Dee said. “I couldn’t seem to find any info as to when and where Khloe picked up the infection.”

“My biggest concern is that Dolphinaris Arizona might be shifting the blame by saying that Khloe was already ‘ill’ with the infection when she came to Arizona and that the company did everything possible to prolong her life by caring for her the best way possible,” Dee added.

If Khloe was indeed sick, Dee wonders why the park ever purchased her and made her perform.

“What we truly need is health records on these dolphins,” Dee said. “But how can we obtain them? No one would give out the info to the public.”

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