Chimp Smugglers Busted In Nepal

Chimp Smugglers Busted In Nepal Matthew Russell By Matthew Russell ARS_Blog_DTOP_BelowTitle_300x250 “They were just like small babies,” Nepalese officer Anupam Rana told the BBC, recalling the chimpanzees he found smuggled into his country from Nigeria. The animals had been drugged, stowed away in a suitcase, and weakened to the point of exhaustion. Sadly, wildlife trafficking […]

Bitcoin is ‘mother of all scams’

Global economist Nouriel Roubini, one of the few who predicted the 2008 financial crisis, is making sure U.S. senators don’t miss his warning on cryptocurrency. Within minutes of testifying at a congressional hearing on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Roubini sounded alarms on multiple aspects of the new digital asset class. “Crypto is the mother or […]

S’mores Bars | Kitchn

S’mores bars are one of my all-time favorite recipes. I’ve been baking and taking these treats to family get-togethers, backyard barbecues, block parties, and bake sales for going on 15 years. Imagine the flavors of fire roasted s’mores — crispy graham crackers, gooey marshmallow, and creamy chocolate — packed into a bar that includes a […]