Interview with the CEO of XTRABYTES : CryptoCurrency

Good to see that the new guys tailored a follow up geared towards what the active community wants.

A few takeaways:

I had been curious how they felt their experience would fit in to the project (outside of the obvious marketing and managerial needs). This cleared that up quite a bit.

Seems pretty clear that getting the patent overview wrapped up and achieving patent pending is the number one priority.

We had heard they laid eyes on tech, but it’s good to have it confirmed by them. Sounds like they covered the core code pretty well.

Love that the 7th and 21st updates are going away – I’m all for announcing things as/when they’re ready.

Overall impressed with the new guys involvement so far. I loved the general PR announcing them Monday, and this fills the other gaps those of us that actively follow the project are looking to see.

– Kelton

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