Bat-Shaped Face Masks : Bat Face Mask

Wish Formula’s Bat Face Mask is Spooky and Refreshing

While some brands are still releasing summer-ready products, Wish Formula is prepping consumers for the Fall season with the release of a spooky bat face mask that’s sure to fulfill everyone’s Halloween wishes.

While humorous and adorable, the black-clad mask also provides consumers with a nourishing formula that minimizes the appearance of dark circles. The Bat Mask is infused with vitamins A and E which brightens the under-eye area, alleviating the indicators of a poor night’s sleep. Relaxing, effective and in the shape of everyone’s favorite spooky creature, Wish Formula’s Bat Mask is sure to impress.

This mask follows the pattern of aesthetically pleasing or Instagrammable face masks, which play into common social media themes of shareable self-care content.

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