Neutral Kitchen Cabinet Colors – Painting Ideas

White and gray kitchens have dominated the scene for quite some time now. Sometimes we’ll get lucky and see some blue or green, or even something more dramatic, like black. But for the most part it’s neutrals, and for good reason: You don’t update your kitchen that often, so you want it to last a long, long time before you redo.

If you’re looking for a new neutral, here’s a fantastic alternative to the same old, same old.

Let’s call it “sand” today, for lack of a better term (but feel free to throw out alternative suggestions in the comments). It’s warmer than white or gray, but not quite beige or taupe, or even greige. Whatever you want to name it, the color brings a sense of calm.

U.K. kitchen darlings deVOL have a version, which they call “mushroom,” that you can only get when you buy their cabinets. If you are looking for a similar color, check out Benjamin Moore’s Wish.

Studio McGee designed this kitchen for a client who wanted a light and airy space that still felt unique. The marble countertop and white beveled subway tiled walls keep it bright, but the rug and brass hardware lean more golden. The cabinets bridge the two nicely.

And it’s not just for Shaker-style kitchens. Here’s a flat-front cabinet door with invisible pulls that reads more modern and minimalist, from Nordiska Kok. The warm sandy color keeps it from looking too austere and cold.

This kitchen belongs to Claes Dalén and Johan Pråmell, who had to blend disparate Scandinavian and glamorous styles when designing their Stockholm apartment. The kitchen, photographed for Residence Magazine, manages to straddle modern and traditional looks, with help from the neutral cabinet color. It’s perhaps a touch darker than the other examples, but that might just be the lighting.

Sand makes an appearance on the island in this kitchen designed by Amber Interiors. When paired with white cabinets, it adds just a little subtle contrast.

If you want to just buy the cabinets already this color, check out Martha Stewart’s kitchen line for Home Depot. She has a cabinet called “Sharkey Gray” which fits the bill pretty nicely. You can see it in action in her Maine home’s remodeled kitchen, above.

This post originally ran on Apartment Therapy. See it there: Over White And Grey Kitchens? There’s a New Neutral in Town

What do you all think? Are you on board with “sand” or is it too close to a boring beige kitchen?

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